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Spindler, Gerd-Inno - Basiswissen Marketing, ebook

Basiswissen Marketing

Spindler, Gerd-Inno


Fachbegriffe des Marketings und Einordnung des Marketings im Unternehmen
Gerd-Inno Spindler
2. Marketing als Prozess
Gerd-Inno Spindler
3. Strategisches Marketing
Gerd-Inno Spindler
4. Kaufverhalten und

Middleton, Simon - What You Need to Know About Marketing, ebook

What You Need to Know About Marketing

Middleton, Simon


Marketing is shrouded in arcane mystery and buzzwords. It frightens many and bewilders others. Yet every business, from the hand-car-wash by the side of the road, to the world's most famous brands, engage in marketing every single day. This is an essential,

Brooks, Gregory - Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Marketing For Dummies

Brooks, Gregory


Marketing is one of the most important aspects in business today, but it’s also highly competitive and complicated, with intricate strategies and methods of delivery to understand and retain.
This straight-forward guide leads you through every aspect of marketing.

Kuss, Alfred - Strategic Marketing, ebook

Strategic Marketing

Kuss, Alfred


The Information Basis of Marketing Planning
Torsten Tomczak, Sven Reinecke, Alfred Kuss
3. Market-Oriented Corporate Planning
Torsten Tomczak, Sven Reinecke, Alfred Kuss
4. Market-oriented Business

Mortimer, Ruth - Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Marketing For Dummies

Mortimer, Ruth


Smart marketing techniques to get your business noticed.
Plan a successful marketing campaign and move your business forward with this fully updated edition of an established bestseller. Packed with practical advice from a team of industry experts,

Chaston, Ian - Entrepreneurial Marketing, ebook

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Chaston, Ian


Entrepreneurial Marketing Successfully Challenging Market Convention It is increasingly apparent that most firms succeed because they are willing to break the rules and act entrepreneurially. The purpose of this text is to examine how this simple trading principle can be applied by any

Foscht, Thomas - Reverse Psychology Marketing, ebook

Reverse Psychology Marketing

Foscht, Thomas


Over-marketing and brand suicide
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
3. “Wal-Marts and Ferraris”
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
4. Network buzz and pull
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht
5. The new marketing zeitgeist
Indrajit Sinha, Thomas Foscht