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Rajagopal - The Butterfly Effect in Competitive Markets, ebook

The Butterfly Effect in Competitive Markets



Table of contents
Section I. Analyzing Market Chaos
1. Chaos in Markets
2. Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior
3. Managing Market Shifts
Section II. Building Global-Local Marketing Effects
4. Market Trend Analysis
5. Consumer Value Management

Parniangtong, Sathit - Competitive Advantage of Customer Centricity, ebook

Competitive Advantage of Customer Centricity

Parniangtong, Sathit


Table of contents
1. Gaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Sathit Parniangtong
2. Strategy: Roadmap for Market Leadership
Sathit Parniangtong
3. Problem-Solving Approach to Business Strategy
Sathit Parniangtong
4. Customer-Centric Thinking
Sathit Parniangtong
5. Formulating Customer-Driven

Theobald, Axel - Mobile Research, ebook

Mobile Research

Theobald, Axel


Einfluss von Mobile Research auf Online Communities und Mystery-Forschung
Thomas Starsetzki, Tillmann Faber, Sebastian Schmidt
10. Mobile Ethnographie in der qualitativen Markt- und Konsumforschung
Kay-Volker Koschel
11. Markt- und Sozialforschung mit

Erickson, G. Scott - Intelligence in Action, ebook

Intelligence in Action

Erickson, G. Scott


Table of contents
1. Setting the Stage
G. Scott Erickson, Helen N. Rothberg
2. SPF Review: Our Journey
G. Scott Erickson, Helen N. Rothberg
3. Preparing for Launch
G. Scott Erickson, Helen N. Rothberg
4. SPF 45: From the Top

Dietrich, Timo - Segmentation in Social Marketing, ebook

Segmentation in Social Marketing

Dietrich, Timo


Segmentation in Social Marketing: Why We Should Do It More Often that We Currently Do
Krzysztof Kubacki, Timo Dietrich, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
Part I. Segmentation in Social Marketing
2. An Umbrella Review of the Use of Segmentation in Social Marketing Interventions

Freytag, Per Vagn - Collaborative Research Design, ebook

Collaborative Research Design

Freytag, Per Vagn


Research Models and Processes
2. Understanding the Process of Empirical Business Studies: The Influence of Methodological Approaches
Anne-Mette Sonne, Mads Bruun Ingstrup, Anders Peder Hansen
3. Theory Building: Using Abductive Search Strategies

Florès, Laurent - How to Measure Digital Marketing, ebook

How to Measure Digital Marketing

Florès, Laurent


Definitions of and actors involved in digital marketing’s return on investment
Laurent Florès
2. The digital market and the main objectives of digital marketing
Laurent Florès
Part 2. From the design to the