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Speight, Martin R. - Marine Ecology: Concepts and Applications, ebook

Marine Ecology: Concepts and Applications

Speight, Martin R.


  These lectures were designed to give students insights as to how marine ecosystems functioned, how they were being affected by natural and human interventions, and how we might be able to conserve them and manage them sustainably for the good of people, both

Kapoula, Zoï - Aesthetics and Neuroscience, ebook

Aesthetics and Neuroscience

Kapoula, Zoï


Table of contents
Part I. Neuroscience of Creativity
1. The Vestibular System and Artistic Painting: A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Multi-modal Interactions in Aesthetic Experience of Painting and Painting Viewing
Alain Londero, Didier Bouccara, Hervé Bozec
2. Heuraesthesia: When Synaesthesia Fertilizes

Beer, Sven - Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment, ebook

Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment

Beer, Sven


"Marine photosynthesis provides for at least half of the primary production worldwide..."Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment constitutes a comprehensive explanation of photosynthetic processes as related to the special environment in which

Corlosquet-Habart, Marine - Big Data for Insurance Companies, ebook

Big Data for Insurance Companies

Corlosquet-Habart, Marine


This book will be a “must” for people who want good knowledge of big data concepts and their applications in the real world, particularly in the field of insurance. It will be useful to people working in finance and to masters students using big data…

Bergmann, Melanie - Marine Anthropogenic Litter, ebook

Marine Anthropogenic Litter

Bergmann, Melanie


Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Sources, Consequences and Solutions
Richard C. Thompson
8. Methodology Used for the Detection and Identification of Microplastics—A Critical Appraisal
Martin G. J. Löder, Gunnar Gerdts
9. Sources and Pathways