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Kapoula, Zoï - Aesthetics and Neuroscience, ebook

Aesthetics and Neuroscience

Kapoula, Zoï


Table of contents
Part I. Neuroscience of Creativity
1. The Vestibular System and Artistic Painting: A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Multi-modal Interactions in Aesthetic Experience of Painting and Painting Viewing
Alain Londero, Didier Bouccara, Hervé Bozec
2. Heuraesthesia: When Synaesthesia Fertilizes

Corlosquet-Habart, Marine - Big Data for Insurance Companies, ebook

Big Data for Insurance Companies

Corlosquet-Habart, Marine


This book will be a "must" for people who want good knowledge of big data concepts and their applications in the real world, particularly in the field of insurance. It will be useful to people working in finance and to masters students using big data…

Bergmann, Melanie - Marine Anthropogenic Litter, ebook

Marine Anthropogenic Litter

Bergmann, Melanie


Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Sources, Consequences and Solutions
Richard C. Thompson
8. Methodology Used for the Detection and Identification of Microplastics—A Critical Appraisal
Martin G. J. Löder, Gunnar Gerdts
9. Sources and Pathways

Habart-Corlosquet, Marine - VaR Methodology for Non-Gaussian Finance, ebook

VaR Methodology for Non-Gaussian Finance

Habart-Corlosquet, Marine

From 80,85€

With the impact of the recent financial crises, more attention must be given to new models in finance rejecting “Black-Scholes-Samuelson” assumptions leading to what is called non-Gaussian finance. With the growing importance of Solvency II, Basel…

Markus, Till - Handbook on Marine Environment Protection, ebook

Handbook on Marine Environment Protection

Markus, Till


Institutional Framework for Marine Environmental Governance
Pradeep Singh
30. International Principles of Marine Environmental Protection
Gerd Winter
31. Overview of Management Strategies and Instruments

Richard, R. - Vix: The Marine, ebook

Vix: The Marine

Richard, R.


The Empire will send in a small contingent of Marines on a desperate mission. Vix is told, “If the Empire can capture a key negotiator and the Princess of Klahna, we can bargain for the return of the Toria mines. Without the income from and the prestige of the Toria

Raghukumar, Chandralata - Biology of Marine Fungi, ebook

Biology of Marine Fungi

Raghukumar, Chandralata


Molecular Diversity of Fungi from Marine Oxygen-Deficient Environments (ODEs)
Cathrine Sumathi Jebaraj, Dominik Forster, Frank Kauff, Thorsten Stoeck
11. Assemblage and Diversity of Fungi on Wood and Seaweed Litter of Seven Northwest Portuguese Beaches