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Mair, Gordon - Essential Manufacturing, ebook

Essential Manufacturing

Mair, Gordon


An introduction to the manufacturing industry
Essential Manufacturing provides a comprehensive introduction to the wide breadth of the manufacturing industry.
There is a need for all engineering and business students to understand the importance

Gupta, Kapil - Micro and Precision Manufacturing, ebook

Micro and Precision Manufacturing

Gupta, Kapil


Table of contents
1. Machining of Microshapes and Features
Asma Perveen, Carlo Molardi
2. Electrochemical Methods of Micropart’s Manufacturing
Sebastian Skoczypiec
3. Precision Photochemical Machining
Atul R. Saraf, Shivam P.…

Tiwari, Manoj - Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing, ebook

Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing

Tiwari, Manoj


This cutting-edge book covers emerging, evolutionary and nature inspired optimization techniques in the field of advanced manufacturing.  The complexity of real life advanced manufacturing problems often cannot be solved by traditional engineering

Khan, Wasim Ahmed - Virtual Manufacturing, ebook

Virtual Manufacturing

Khan, Wasim Ahmed


Virtual Manufacturing for Discrete Manufacturing Systems
Wasim Ahmed Khan, Abdul Raouf, Kai Cheng
12. The Future of Virtual Manufacturing Using Augmented Reality Technology
Wasim Ahmed Khan, Abdul Raouf, Kai Cheng

Kühnle, Hermann - Distributed Manufacturing, ebook

Distributed Manufacturing

Kühnle, Hermann


Distributed Manufacturing: Paradigms, Concepts, Solutions and Examples
2. The Concurrent Product Development Process
Antonio Hidalgo, Fernando Aldana, Darius Singh
3. A Co-evolutionary Perspective on Distributed Manufacturing
Rob Dekkers
4. Flexibility

Bonvoisin, Jérémy - Sustainable Manufacturing, ebook

Sustainable Manufacturing

Bonvoisin, Jérémy


Solutions for Sustainability-Driven Development of Manufacturing Technologies
4. Sustainable Solutions for Machine Tools
Eckart Uhlmann, Klaus-Dieter Lang, Lukas Prasol, Simon Thom, Bernd Peukert, Stephan Benecke, Eduard Wagner, Fiona Sammler, Sebastian Richarz,