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Futaki, Akito - Geometry and Topology of Manifolds, ebook

Geometry and Topology of Manifolds

Futaki, Akito


Table of contents
1. Minimal Legendrian Surfaces in the Five-Dimensional Heisenberg Group
Reiko Aiyama, Kazuo Akutagawa
2. Gluing Principle for Orbifold Stratified Spaces
Bohui Chen, An-Min Li, Bai-Ling Wang
3. Applications of the Affine…

Villani, Vinicio - Differential Topology, ebook

Differential Topology

Villani, Vinicio


Table of contents
1. On the Group of Diffeomorphis Preserving an Exact Symplectic Form
A. Banyaga
2. Some Remarks on Cauchy-Riemann Structures
Gregory A. Fredricks
3. Differential Cohomology
André Haefliger
4. On the Homology of Haefliger's Classifying Space
John N. Mather
5. Manifolds of

Sastry, N.S. Narasimha - Buildings, Finite Geometries and Groups, ebook

Buildings, Finite Geometries and Groups

Sastry, N.S. Narasimha


Curve Complexes Versus Tits Buildings: Structures and Applications
Lizhen Ji
7. On Isotypies Between Galois Conjugate Blocks
Radha Kessar
8. Representations of Unitriangular Groups
Tung Le, Kay Magaard
9. Hermitian Veronesean Caps
J. Schillewaert,

Molnár, Emil - Non-Euclidean Geometries, ebook

Non-Euclidean Geometries

Molnár, Emil


Tilings, Orbifolds and Manifolds, Visualization
14. The Geometry of Hyperbolic Manifolds of Dimension at Least 4
John G. Ratcliffe
15. Real-Time Animation in Hyperbolic, Spherical, and Product Geometries

Tenenblat, Keti - Manfredo P. do Carmo – Selected Papers, ebook

Manfredo P. do Carmo – Selected Papers

Tenenblat, Keti


Eigenvalues Estimates on Complete Noncompact Riemannian Manifolds and Applications
Manfredo P. do Carmo, Detang Zhou
29. Compact minimal hypersurfaces with index one in the real projective space
Manfredo do Carmo, Manuel Ritoré, Antonio Ros
30. Ricci