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Asante, Molefi Kete - An Afrocentric Manifesto, ebook

An Afrocentric Manifesto

Asante, Molefi Kete


In An Afrocentric Manifesto, Molefi Kete Asante examines and explores the cultural perspective closest to the existential reality of African people in order to present an innovative interpretation on the modern issues confronting contemporary society.
Thus, this

Morrison, Jeffry H. - The Reagan Manifesto, ebook

The Reagan Manifesto

Morrison, Jeffry H.


Introduction: The Reagan Manifesto—Reflections on “A Time for Choosing” at 50
Jeffry H. Morrison, Eric D. Patterson
2. The Intellectual Roots of Reagan’s Foreign Policy
Ionut C. Popescu
3. When Maggie Chose Ronnie—and When She Didn’t: An

Floridi, Luciano - The Onlife Manifesto, ebook

The Onlife Manifesto

Floridi, Luciano


The Onlife Manifesto: Philosophical Backgrounds, Media Usages, and the Futures of Democracy and Equality
Charles Ess
15. Towards a Grey Ecology
Stefana Broadbent, Claire Lobet-Maris
16. Reengineering and Reinventing both Democracy and the Concept of

Burnheim, John - The Demarchy Manifesto, ebook

The Demarchy Manifesto

Burnheim, John


Demarchy exploits the possibilities of modern communications to give new role to public discussion. It takes the initiative in formulating policy on each specific problem out of the hands of political parties and into the hands of those most strongly…