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Hazzan, Orit - Risk Management of Education Systems, ebook

Risk Management of Education Systems

Hazzan, Orit


STEM Education in Israel: A Case Study
Anat Even Zahav, Orit Hazzan
4. Phase A: Risk Identification—Identification of Risk Categories by SWOT Analysis of STEM Education in Israel
Anat Even Zahav, Orit Hazzan
5. Phase B: Risk Rating
Anat Even

Wright, Tony - Classroom Management in Language Education, ebook

Classroom Management in Language Education

Wright, Tony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tony Wright
Part 1. Issues and Themes in Classroom Management
2. Towards an Agenda for Understanding Classroom Management
Tony Wright
3. Classrooms as Formal Contexts for Learning
Tony Wright
4. Institutional Aspects of Classroom Management
Tony Wright

Bhandari, Rajendra Kumar - Disaster Education and Management, ebook

Disaster Education and Management

Bhandari, Rajendra Kumar


Disaster Education: The Silver Bullet
Rajendra Kumar Bhandari
2. Disaster Terminology
Rajendra Kumar Bhandari
3. The World of Hazards and Disasters
Rajendra Kumar Bhandari
4. From Belief to the Basics of Disasters
Rajendra Kumar Bhandari