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Chin, Grace V. S. - The Southeast Asian Woman Writes Back, ebook

The Southeast Asian Woman Writes Back

Chin, Grace V. S.


The New Malay Woman: The Rise of the Modern Female Subject and Transnational Encounters in Postcolonial Malay Literature
Alicia Izharuddin
5. Women and the Authoritarian State: The Southeast Asian Experience
Lily Rose Tope
6. State Ibuism and One Happy

Fischer, Johan - The Halal Frontier, ebook

The Halal Frontier

Fischer, Johan


Halal and Malay Middle-Class Mobility in Malaysia
Johan Fischer
3. Between Halal and the Secular in London
Johan Fischer
4. The Other Side of the Logo
Johan Fischer
5. Urban Halal Landscapes
Johan Fischer
6. Halal Sanitized

Bokhorst-Heng, Wendy D. - Quadrilingual Education in Singapore, ebook

Quadrilingual Education in Singapore

Bokhorst-Heng, Wendy D.


Transmission and Development of Literacy Values and Practices: An Ethnographic Study of a Malay Family in Singapore
Mukhlis Abu Bakar
3. ‘I Believe, Therefore I Practice’: Teachers’ Beliefs on Literacy Acquisition and Their Classroom Practices

Wain, Barry - Malaysian Maverick, ebook

Malaysian Maverick

Wain, Barry


Table of contents
Part I. The Making of a Malay Champion
1. Politicized by War and Peace
Barry Wain
2. An Early Introduction to Brutal Politics
Barry Wain
Part II. Prime Minister for Life, Almost
3. From Outcast to Presidential Premier
Barry Wain
4. The Vision of a Modern Nation
Barry Wain