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Mandal, Malay - Ruby Recipes, ebook

Ruby Recipes

Mandal, Malay


Table of contents
1. A Taste of Ruby
Malay Mandal
2. Working with Files and Strings
Malay Mandal
3. Language Elements
Malay Mandal
4. Collections
Malay Mandal
5. Blocks and Iterators
Malay Mandal
6. Input-Output

Chatterjee, Malay - Cell Signaling & Molecular Targets in Cancer, ebook

Cell Signaling & Molecular Targets in Cancer

Chatterjee, Malay


Table of contents
1. GRB2 Signaling as a Molecular Target for Cancer
Alessio Giubellino
2. Human Arylamine N-acetyltransferase 1: From Drug Metabolism to Drug Target
Fernando Rodrigues-Lima, Julien Dairou, Florent Busi, Jean-Marie Dupret

Saha, Malay - Bioenergy Feedstocks: Breeding and Genetics, ebook

Bioenergy Feedstocks: Breeding and Genetics

Saha, Malay


Bioenergy Feedstocks: Breeding and Genetics is a timely collection of the latest advances from large scale research efforts on the breeding and genetic improvement of a number of key crops that show excellent potential as sources of biomass. Part…

Ghosh, Malay - Sequential Estimation, ebook

Sequential Estimation

Ghosh, Malay


The only comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of one of today's most important probabilistic techniques
The past 15 years have witnessed many significant advances in sequential estimation, especially in the areas of three-stage and nonparametric…

Reid, Anthony - A History of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads, ebook

A History of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads

Reid, Anthony


A History of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads presents a comprehensive history of Southeast Asia from our earliest knowledge of its civilizations and religious patterns up to the present day.
Incorporates environmental, social, economic, and gender…