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Drillon, Marc - Magnetism: Molecules to Materials V, ebook

Magnetism: Molecules to Materials V

Drillon, Marc


The book spans recent trends in magnetism for molecules—as well as inorganic-based materials, with an emphasis on new phenomena being explored from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints with the aim of understanding magnetism

Siegmann, Hans Christoph - Magnetism, ebook


Siegmann, Hans Christoph


X-rays and Magnetism: Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Part IV. Properties of and Phenomena in the Ferromagnetic Metals
11. The Spontaneous Magnetization, Anisotropy, Domains
12. Magnetism of Metals
Part V. Topics in Contemporary Magnetism
13. Surfaces and

Blundell, Stephen - Magnetism in Condensed Matter, ebook

Magnetism in Condensed Matter

Blundell, Stephen


An understanding of the quantum mechanical nature of magnetism has led to the development of new magnetic materials which are used as permanent magnets, sensors, and information storage. Behind these practical applications lie a range of fundamental ideas, including symmetry breaking, order

Skomski, Ralph - Simple Models of Magnetism, ebook

Simple Models of Magnetism

Skomski, Ralph


Models of magnetism have been pivotal in the understanding and advancement of science and technology. The book is the first one to cover the field as a whole, complementing a rich literature on specific models of magnetism. It is written in an easily

Lacroix, Claudine - Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism, ebook

Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism

Lacroix, Claudine


Table of contents
1. Geometrically Frustrated Antiferromagnets: Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics
John T. Chalker
2. Introduction to Quantum Spin Liquids
Claire Lhuillier, Grégoire Misguich
3. Neutron Scattering and Highly Frustrated Magnetism
Steven T. Bramwell
4. NMR and µSR in Highly Frustrated

Andrä, Wilfried - Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook, ebook

Magnetism in Medicine: A Handbook

Andrä, Wilfried


Written by well-known specialists from Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, the result is a manual for researchers in this field as well as for those who apply modern methods based on magnetism in medical practice. It equally provides a detailed