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Owens, Frank J. - Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures, ebook

Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures

Owens, Frank J.


A comprehensive coverage of the physical properties and real-world applications of magnetic nanostructures
This book discusses how the important properties of materials such as the cohesive energy, and the electronic

Cullity, B. D. - Introduction to Magnetic Materials, ebook

Introduction to Magnetic Materials

Cullity, B. D.

From 147,60€

Introduction to Magnetic Materials, 2nd Edition covers the basics of magnetic quantities, magnetic devices, and materials used in practice. While retaining much of the original, this revision now covers SQUID and alternating gradient magnetometers,

Balogh, A. - The Strongest Magnetic Fields in the Universe, ebook

The Strongest Magnetic Fields in the Universe

Balogh, A.


Magnetic Fields in Stars
3. Observations of Strong Magnetic Fields in Nondegenerate Stars
Jeffrey L. Linsky, Markus Schöller
4. Magnetic Field Generation in Stars
Lilia Ferrario, Andrew Melatos, Jonathan Zrake