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Rezzoug, Abderrezak - Non-conventional Electrical Machines, ebook

Non-conventional Electrical Machines

Rezzoug, Abderrezak


The developments of electrical machines are due to the convergence of material progress, improved calculation tools, and new feeding sources. Among the many recent machines, the authors have chosen, in this first book, to relate the progress in slow

Melkebeek, Jan A. - Electrical Machines and Drives, ebook

Electrical Machines and Drives

Melkebeek, Jan A.


Rotating Field Machines: mmf, emf and Torque
Jan A Melkebeek
4. The Induction Machine
Jan A Melkebeek
5. The Synchronous Machine
Jan A Melkebeek
Part II. Basics of Power Electronics
6. Power Electronic Components
Jan A Melkebeek

Boguslawsky, Iliya - Large A.C. Machines, ebook

Large A.C. Machines

Boguslawsky, Iliya


Investigation Methods of Performance Characteristics for Double-Fed Machines with Converter in Rotor Circuit. Summary of Main Investigation Stages of A.C. Machines
Iliya Boguslawsky, Nikolay Korovkin, Masashi Hayakawa
3. Stator MMF Harmonics at Non-sinusoidal

Robyns, Benoît - Vector Control of Induction Machines, ebook

Vector Control of Induction Machines

Robyns, Benoît


Table of contents
1. Concepts for Electromechanical Conversion
Benoît Robyns, Bruno Francois, Philippe Degobert, Jean Paul Hautier
2. Dynamic Modeling of Induction Machines
Benoît Robyns, Bruno Francois, Philippe Degobert, Jean Paul…

Christmann, Andreas - Support Vector Machines, ebook

Support Vector Machines

Christmann, Andreas


Support Vector Machines for Classification
9. Support Vector Machines for Regression
10. Robustness
11. Computational Aspects
12. Data Mining

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Hendler, James - Social Machines, ebook

Social Machines

Hendler, James


Social Machines: Embracing the Blur
James Hendler, Alice M. Mulvehill
8. Social Challenges for the Social Machine
James Hendler, Alice M. Mulvehill
9. Conclusion: Social Machines and the New Future
James Hendler,

Trigeassou, Jean-Claude - Electrical Machines Diagnosis, ebook

Electrical Machines Diagnosis

Trigeassou, Jean-Claude


Electrical Machines Diagnosis presents original results obtained mainly by French researchers in different domains. It will be useful as a guideline for the conception of more robust electrical machines and indeed for engineers

Drucker, Donna J. - The Machines of Sex Research, ebook

The Machines of Sex Research

Drucker, Donna J.


The Machines of Sex Research
Donna J. Drucker
2. The Penile Strain Gauge and Aversion Therapy: Measuring and Fixing the Sexual Body
Donna J. Drucker
3. The Couples Laboratory and the Penis-Camera: Seeking the Source of Orgasm
Donna J. Drucker

Rossmann, Michael G. - Viral Molecular Machines, ebook

Viral Molecular Machines

Rossmann, Michael G.


Contractile Tail Machines of Bacteriophages
Petr G. Leiman, Mikhail M. Shneider
6. Long Noncontractile Tail Machines of Bacteriophages
Alan R. Davidson, Lia Cardarelli, Lisa G. Pell, Devon R. Radford, Karen L. Maxwell