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Agawu, Kofi - Music as Discourse, ebook

Music as Discourse

Agawu, Kofi


Music as Language 2. Criteria for Analysis I 3. Criteria for Analysis II 4. Bridges to Free Composition 5. Paradigmatic Analysis Part 2: Analyses 6. Liszt, Orpheus (1853-4) 7. Brahms, Intermezzo, op. 119 no.2 (1893), Brahms, Symphony no. 1/ii (1872-76) 8.

Lewin, David - Studies in Music with Text, ebook

Studies in Music with Text

Lewin, David


Hailed by the New Grove Dictionary of Music (2nd edition) as "the most original and far-ranging theorist of his generation," David Lewin (1933-2003) explored for over four decades how composers in the German tradition set poetry and drama to music. He

Hillier, Paul - Writings on Music, 1965-2000, ebook

Writings on Music, 1965-2000

Hillier, Paul


Throughout his career, Reich has continued to reinvigorate the music world, drawing from a wide array of classical, popular, sacred, and non-western idioms. His works reflect the steady evolution of an original musical mind. Writings on Music

, Nichols, Roger - Saint-Saens : On Music and Musicians, ebook

Saint-Saens : On Music and Musicians

, Nichols, Roger


Preface _ Music 1. Introduction (Harmonie et Melodie, i-xxxi, March 1885) 2. Art for art's sake ('L'art pour l'art', Ecole buissonniere, 135-40) 3. Harmony and Melody ('Harmonie et melodie', Harmonie et melodie, 1-36, July 1879)

, Beaudoin, Paul - Music in the USA : A Documentary Companion, ebook

Music in the USA : A Documentary Companion

, Beaudoin, Paul


Music in the USA: A Documentary Companion charts a path through American music and musical life using as guides the words of composers, performers, writers and the rest of us ordinary folks who sing, dance, and listen. The anthology of primary sources

Tenzer, Michael - Analytical Studies in World Music : includes CD, ebook

Analytical Studies in World Music : includes CD

Tenzer, Michael


List of Figures Contributors INTRODUCTION Analysis, Categorization, and Theory of Musics of the World Michael Tenzer PART I SECTIONAL PERIODICITIES: POETRY, SONG, RITUAL 1. Nava'i, A Musical Genre of Northeastern Iran Stephen Blum 2. How to Spin a Good Horo: Melody, Mode,