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Adorno, Theodor W. - Current of Music, ebook

Current of Music

Adorno, Theodor W.


During these years, he was intensively involved in a study of how the recently developed techniques for the nation-wide transmission of music over radio were transforming the perception of music itself. This broad ranging radio

Manning, David - Vaughan Williams on Music, ebook

Vaughan Williams on Music

Manning, David


Section 1: Musical Life and English Music 1. The Romantic Movement and its Results 2. A School of English Music 3. The Soporific Finale 4. Good Taste 5. A Sermon to Vocalists 6. Preface to The English Hymnal 7. Who Wants the English Composer?

Oja, Carol J. - Making Music Modern : New York in the 1920s, ebook

Making Music Modern : New York in the 1920s

Oja, Carol J.


An Introduction: The Modern Music Shop Enter the Moderns 1. Leo Ornstein: "Wild Man" of the 1910s 2. Creating a God: The Reception of Edgar Varese 3. The Arrival of European Modernism The Machine in the Concert Hall 4. Engineers of Art 5. Ballet Mecanique and International Modernist