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Iannacci, Jacopo - Practical Guide to RF-MEMS, ebook

Practical Guide to RF-MEMS

Iannacci, Jacopo


The book covers, from a practical viewpoint, the most critical steps that have to be taken in order to develop novel RF-MEMS device concepts. Prototypical RF-MEMS devices, both including lumped components and complex networks,

Bechtold, Tamara - System-level Modeling of MEMS, ebook

System-level Modeling of MEMS

Bechtold, Tamara


Writing on a clearly understandable and sufficiently detailed level, they familiarize readers with the physical and mathematical underpinnings of MEMS modeling, thus enabling users to choose the most suitable method for their particular application needs.

Reich, Stephanie - Carbon Nanotubes, ebook

Carbon Nanotubes

Reich, Stephanie


Carbon nanotubes are exceptionally interesting from a fundamental research point of view. Many concepts of one-dimensional physics have been verified experimentally such as electron and phonon confinement or the one-dimensional singularities in the density…

Vladeanu, Calin - Nonlinear Digital Encoders for Data Communications, ebook

Nonlinear Digital Encoders for Data Communications

Vladeanu, Calin


This book presents digital encoders for data communications. After an introduction on data communications and different sequences, the authors present the frey encoder as a digital filter followed by the trellis-coded and parallel turbo trellis-coded…

Brabec, Christoph - Organic Photovoltaics, ebook

Organic Photovoltaics

Brabec, Christoph


Providing complementary viewpoints from academia as well as technology companies, this book covers the three most important aspects of successful device design: materials, device physics, and manufacturing technologies. It also offers an insight into…

Menz, Wolfgang - Mikrosystemtechnik für Ingenieure, ebook

Mikrosystemtechnik für Ingenieure

Menz, Wolfgang


Die dritte Auflage des mittlerweile zum Standardwerk gereiften Lehrbuchs trägt den rasanten Entwicklungen in diesem interdisziplinären Gebiet umfassend Rechnung. Insbesondere die Kapitel Siliziumtechnik, Materialien und Alternative Technologien…