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Kerr, Morag G. - Veterinary Laboratory Medicine, ebook

Veterinary Laboratory Medicine

Kerr, Morag G.


Veterinary Laboratory Medicine covers all aspects of basic clinical biochemistry and haematology, and includes test-by-test interpretation of laboratory results. Information is provided on sampling techniques, the selection and use of an external laboratory,

Cockcroft, Peter - Handbook of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine, ebook

Handbook of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine

Cockcroft, Peter


The application of evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) can assist in improving and optimising the diagnosis, prognosis, control, treatment and ultimately the welfare of animals. It can also provide the user with a methodology for appropriate, patient

Crowell-Davis, Sharon L. - Veterinary Psychopharmacology, ebook

Veterinary Psychopharmacology

Crowell-Davis, Sharon L.


Veterinary behaviorists, their students and residents, veterinary practitioners of all levels, and veterinary students will find this book invaluable in providing information about their patients' behavior problems and the psychoactive

Berger, Noel A. - Veterinary Laser Surgery: A Practical Guide, ebook

Veterinary Laser Surgery: A Practical Guide

Berger, Noel A.


Surgical and therapeutic use of lasers began in human medicine in the early 1960s. Technology and equipment advanced rapidly. Over the last ten years veterinarians have been exploring the many potential advantages that various lasers provide their patients. Because laser light energy can

Orpet, Hilary - Handbook of Veterinary Nursing, ebook

Handbook of Veterinary Nursing

Orpet, Hilary


Handbook of Veterinary Nursing provides the veterinary nurse with a quick reference point for many of the nursing procedures he or she may come across in the clinical setting. It provides clear and concise written instructions supported by diagrams and

Bower, John S. M. - Veterinary Practice Management, ebook

Veterinary Practice Management

Bower, John S. M.


It gives straightforward guidance to veterinary surgeons setting up in practice for the first time as well as being invaluable to established practitioners and staff keen to improve the efficiency of their business. Those preparing for the Certificate in Veterinary