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Boylan, Michael - Public Health Policy and Ethics, ebook

Public Health Policy and Ethics

Boylan, Michael


Professing Public Health: Practicing Ethics and Ethics as Practice
D. Micah Hester
2. The Good of Patients and the Good of Society: Striking a Moral Balance
Edmund D. Pellegrino, David C. Thomasma
3. Taking on “Big

Greifinger, Robert B. - Public Health Behind Bars, ebook

Public Health Behind Bars

Greifinger, Robert B.


Impact of Law and Public Policy on Correctional Populations
1. Thirty Years Since Estelle v. Gamble: Looking Forward, Not Wayward
Robert B. Greifinger
2. Impact of Incarceration on Community Public Safety and Public

Holz, Frank G. - Medical Retina, ebook

Medical Retina

Holz, Frank G.


Table of contents
1. Optical Coherence Tomography Assessment of Macular Oedema
Hana Abouzeid, Thomas J. Wolfensberger
2. Fundus Autofluorescence Imaging
Almut Bindewald, Felix Roth, Steffen Schmitz-Valckenberg, Hendrik P.N. Scholl, Frank…

Ribes, Ramón - Medical English, ebook

Medical English

Ribes, Ramón


Table of contents
1. Reading, Listening, Talking and Writing. Self-evaluation
2. Grammar in Use
3. Scientific Literature
4. Talks and Courses
5. Some of the Most Frequent Mistakes Made by Doctors Speaking in English
6. Latin…