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Carr, Tanya - Nutrition and Health, ebook

Nutrition and Health

Carr, Tanya


Continuing accumulation of scientific evidence demonstrates that nutrition is one of the most important determinants of health for the individual, and that specific nutrition habits of various populations can significantly decrease the overall risk of

Callaghan, Alison - Nutrition and Arthritis, ebook

Nutrition and Arthritis

Callaghan, Alison


Arthritis affects millions of people throughout the world and while its treatment is usually medical or surgical, there exists an increasingly large body of evidence concerning the positive effects of nutrition on the condition.
There are over two

Carr, Timothy - Discovering Nutrition, ebook

Discovering Nutrition

Carr, Timothy


Discovering Nutrition offers a concise look at the science of nutrition through the lens of today's issues and hot topics. In this compact, accessible overview, the central topics and scientific building blocks of nutrition

Fuller, Roy - Gut Flora, Nutrition, Immunity and Health, ebook

Gut Flora, Nutrition, Immunity and Health

Fuller, Roy


The so-called functional foods, and prebiotics and probiotics exemplify the relationship that exists between nutrition, the gut (the largest element of the body’s immune system) and its flora, immunology and health.
This important book contains chapters covering

Watson, Ronald Ross - Eggs and Health Promotion, ebook

Eggs and Health Promotion

Watson, Ronald Ross


This single, convenient reference deals with the role of eggs in diet, nutrition, and disease. The book also includes current scientific data on the use of eggs to produce and deliver drugs, nutrients, and immunotherapies in patients.
Written by well-known and

Lawson, Margaret - Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, ebook

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics

Lawson, Margaret


Fully comprehensive and covering all disorders of the body systems relating to nutrition, it includes enteral and parenteral feeding, the nutrition and feeding of premature infants, diseases of organ systems, lipid disorders,

Reilly, Conor - The Nutritional Trace Metals, ebook

The Nutritional Trace Metals

Reilly, Conor


The Nutritional Trace Metals covers the roles played by trace metals in human metabolism, a relatively neglected area of human metabolism and nutrition. The book focuses its attention on the vital roles played by the relatively small number of trace metal nutrients as components of a wide