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Oliver, Susan - Chronic Disease Nursing: A Rheumatology Example, ebook

Chronic Disease Nursing: A Rheumatology Example

Oliver, Susan


Chronic Disease Nursing offers support to all nurses but particularly primary and secondary care advanced practitioners wishing to develop an effective system of care for those with a long term medical condition. There is guidance

Bassett, Christopher - Nursing Care: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Nursing Care: From Theory to Practice

Bassett, Christopher


The relationship between nursing theory and practice has been an area of intense professional debate for many years. With new governmental directives relating to how nurses care for patients, the debate continues about how and why nurses' care has never been more important. This book looks

Irwin, Robert - Psychosexual Nursing, ebook

Psychosexual Nursing

Irwin, Robert


Recent research suggests that the sexual concerns of patients still go unaddressed and that communication with patients about sexual issues is generally inadequate. Psychosexual anxiety and distress occur as the consequence of changes or threats to the sexual aspects

Hill, Jackie - Rheumatology Nursing: A Creative Approach, ebook

Rheumatology Nursing: A Creative Approach

Hill, Jackie


A new edition of an established research-based text on one of the fastest growing topics in nursing: nurses dealing with this complex subject need to be kept up to date and this book written by a team of expert rheumatology nurses fills that role.
The book’s emphasis is on

Hilton, Penny - Fundamental Nursing Skills, ebook

Fundamental Nursing Skills

Hilton, Penny


By outlining the elements of essential nursing procedure in a readily accessible format, including rationale for recommended actions and promoting evidence-based practice, this text encourages the reader to keep a record of achievement in relation to clinical skill

Marsden, Janet - An Evidence Base for Ophthalmic Nursing Practice, ebook

An Evidence Base for Ophthalmic Nursing Practice

Marsden, Janet


The first reference of its kind, An Evidence Base for Ophthalmic Nursing Practice alleviates the need for every ophthalmic practice area to develop diverse, often contradictory, guidelines. This book informs guidelines and protocols and provides up to date, evidence based information, covering:

Williams, Julia - The Essentials of Pouch Care Nursing, ebook

The Essentials of Pouch Care Nursing

Williams, Julia


This innovative book will provide the nurse, working within a general or specialist surgical unit, with the information required to care for a patient who has undergone surgery resulting in the formation of an ileal anal pouch, Koch pouch, Colo-anal pouch or continent urinary diversions.

Sloan, Graham - Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Nursing, ebook

Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Nursing

Sloan, Graham


Nursing research has focused on evaluating the effectiveness of clinical supervision, but there remains uncertainty as to what facets of clinical supervision are potent in realising effectiveness.
This book reports on an investigation on the practice of clinical supervision in mental