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Butt, Arthur - Glial Neurobiology, ebook

Glial Neurobiology

Butt, Arthur


Features of this book: an accessible introduction to glial neurobiology including an overview of glial cell function and its active role in neural processes, brain function and nervous system pathology an exploration of all the major types of glial cells including: the astrocytes, oligodendrocytes

Smith, C. U. M. - Elements of Molecular Neurobiology, ebook

Elements of Molecular Neurobiology

Smith, C. U. M.


This book will be of particular interest to biomedical undergraduates undertaking a neuroscience unit, neuroscience postgraduates, physiologists, pharmacologists.
It is also a useful basic reference for university libraries.
Maurice Elphick, Queen

Arbib, Michael A. - Who Needs Emotions? : The Brain Meets the Robot, ebook

Who Needs Emotions? : The Brain Meets the Robot

Arbib, Michael A.


Could a Robot have emotions? Theoretical Perspectives from Social Cognitive Neuroscience, Ralph Adolphs II BRAINS 3. Neurchemical Networks Encoding Emotion and Motivation: An Evolutionary Perspective, Ann E. Kelley 4. Towards Basic Principles for Emotional Processing:

Hunt, R. Reed - Distinctiveness and Memory, ebook

Distinctiveness and Memory

Hunt, R. Reed


Part Six: The Neuroscience of Distinctiveness and Memory, Monica Fabiani 16. Neural Correlates of Incongruity, Pascale Michelon and Abraham Z. Snyder 17. Stimulus Novelty Effects on Recognition Memory: Behavioral Properties and Neuroanatomical Substrates, Mark M.

Marrs, Timothy C. - Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicology and Treatment, ebook

Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicology and Treatment

Marrs, Timothy C.


This book provides a comprehensive review of chemical warfare agents, assessing all available evidence regarding the medical, technical and legal aspects of their use. It is an invaluable reference work for physicians, public health planners, regulators and any

Latash, Mark L. - Synergy, ebook


Latash, Mark L.


Synergy dicusses a general problem in biology: The lack of an adequate language for formulating biologically specific problems. Written for an inquisitive reader who is not necessarily a professional in the area of movement studies, this book describes…