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Schwartzman, Robert - Neurologic Examination, ebook

Neurologic Examination

Schwartzman, Robert


This illustrated guide to all aspects of the neurological exam:
Reemphasizes the usefulness of the exam in localizing lesions in the central and peripheral nervous system from which differential diagnoses are derivedDemonstrates the examination of the brachial plexus, cervical plexus, chronic regional

Wong, Agnes - Eye Movement Disorders, ebook

Eye Movement Disorders

Wong, Agnes


Agnes Wong, fills a great void in the Ophthalmology and Neurology literature by presenting eye movement disorders in a full-color, highly illustrative format. This text explains eye movement disorders in a concise yet comprehensive manner, which makes it an excellent

, Levin, Morris - Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine, ebook

Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine

, Levin, Morris


Headache Medicine has recently become an official medical subspecialty. Practitioners who specialize in the field come from many different backgrounds including neurology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, family medicine,

Chaturvedi, Seemant - Transient Ischemic Attacks, ebook

Transient Ischemic Attacks

Chaturvedi, Seemant


This book was born from the synthesis of the rapidly proliferating field of cerebrovascular disease research, excitement about effective new imaging and therapeutic strategies, and the need to timely educate clinicians about the changing playing field…

Lovejoy, David - Neuroendocrinology: An Integrated Approach, ebook

Neuroendocrinology: An Integrated Approach

Lovejoy, David


There has been an explosion of interest in the field of neuroendocrinology over the last twenty years with the discovery of neurohormones regulating virtually everything from growth and development to sexual and aggressive behavior.
This book…