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Donaldson, Magruder - Leg Pain, ebook

Leg Pain

Donaldson, Magruder


This small volume is devoted to one of the most common patient complaints encountered by practitioners of adult medicine, and one that frequently presents the initial examining physician with a diagnostic conundrum. Few internists, primary care physicians, emergency room physicians, or

Attwood, Margareth - Professional Development: A Guide for Primary Care, ebook

Professional Development: A Guide for Primary Care

Attwood, Margareth


Invaluable workbook to help GPs and practice staff meet the requirements of continuing professional development (cpd)
General practitioners, like all other health professionals, need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in medicine and education. They also need to respond to

Greenhalgh, Trisha - Narrative Research in Health and Illness, ebook

Narrative Research in Health and Illness

Greenhalgh, Trisha


This comprehensive book celebrates the coming of age of narrative in health care. It uses narrative to go beyond the patient's story and address social, cultural, ethical, psychological, organizational and linguistic issues.
This book has been written…

Cramp, Paul - Essential Guide to Generic Skills, ebook

Essential Guide to Generic Skills

Cramp, Paul


This is a vital text to help you with the competency assessment in the UK Foundation Programme giving practical advice in an easy to follow format.
It advises new doctors on note-keeping, time management/organisation, communicating with colleagues,…