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Loeb, Mark - Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases, ebook

Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases

Loeb, Mark


This major text discusses evidence based practice in the principal infectious disease groups. The introduction covers the methodology of systematic reviews in the context of infectious disease, and this is followed by contributions from the leading world

Beneden, Chris A. Van - Infectious Disease Surveillance, ebook

Infectious Disease Surveillance

Beneden, Chris A. Van


Infectious Disease Surveillance also covers the use of modern technologies to track infectious diseases, including molecular epidemiologic techniques and electronic means for data collection and distribution. Other chapters discuss

Begg, Norman - Communicable Disease Control Handbook, ebook

Communicable Disease Control Handbook

Begg, Norman


Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer (from the foreword)
"This handbook will be a valuable resource for all those who are interested in control of communicable disease, including public-health physicians, epidemiologists, infection control nurses, microbiologists

Johnson, Elizabeth - Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection, ebook

Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection

Johnson, Elizabeth


New sections include;
Emerging yeast and filamentous fungal pathogens Antifungal susceptibility testing Antifungal assays Molecular methods in medical mycology Mycological aspects of the indoor environment.
Medical Mycology lends itself to illustration and as

Anderson, Larry J. - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: A Clinical Guide, ebook

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: A Clinical Guide

Anderson, Larry J.


With the causative agent now identified as a new strain of coronavirus, the medical world has gained important knowledge on the aetiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, pathogenesis, epidemiology, disease treatment and infection control with amazing speed.

Richardson, Malcolm - Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management, ebook

Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management

Richardson, Malcolm


Concise, up-to-date guide to the clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis and management of superficial, subcutaneous and systemic fungal infections
"I would recommend this book to all microbiologists and clinicians regularly dealing with patients suffering from fungal infections."
Journal of Medical Microbiology

Ayliffe, Graham - Disinfection in Healthcare, ebook

Disinfection in Healthcare

Ayliffe, Graham


Concise, practical guide for everyone involved in the control of hospital infection
Key information at your fingertips: Concise information is easy to find - now includes references and index
Completely revised, expanded and updated…

Roberts, Diane - Practical Food Microbiology, ebook

Practical Food Microbiology

Roberts, Diane


The main approaches to the investigation of food microbiology in the laboratory are expertly presented in this, the third edition of the highly practical and well-established manual. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to take account…