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Battin, Margaret Pabst - Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die, ebook

Ending Life : Ethics and the Way We Die

Battin, Margaret Pabst


Margaret Pabst Battin has established a reputation as one of the top philosophers working in bioethics today. This work is a sequel to Battin's 1994 volume The Least Worst Death. The last ten years have seen fast-moving developments in end-of-life issues,…

English, Veronica - Withholding and Withdrawing Life-prolonging Medical Treatment, ebook

Withholding and Withdrawing Life-prolonging Medical Treatment

English, Veronica


An authoritative book on one of the most fundamental and contentious issues for health care professionals Fully updated to include provisions of the Mental Capacity Act (April 2007); the latest policy on advance directives and the impact of the Human Rights Act on such decisions Provides guidance on the appointment of welfare

Resnik, David B. - Responsible Conduct of Research, ebook

Responsible Conduct of Research

Resnik, David B.


Scientific Research and Ethics 2. Collection, Analysis, and Management of Data 3. Collaboration in Research: Authorship, Resource Sharing, and Mentoring 4. Publication and Peer Review 5. Scientific Misconduct 6. Intellectual Property 7. Conflict of Interest and

Leung, Wai-Ching - Law for Doctors, ebook

Law for Doctors

Leung, Wai-Ching


This is a guide for all doctors - GPs and hospital doctors alike, on the law and how it affects them. It is a practical guide, and it approaches its subject with the use of realistic scenarios throughout. These relevant case histories are used as a basis…