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Eades, Kenneth M. - The Portable MBA, ebook

The Portable MBA

Eades, Kenneth M.


A totally revised new edition of the bestselling guide to business school basics
The bestselling book that invented the "MBA in a book" category, The Portable MBA Fifth Edition is a reliable and information-packed guide to the business school curriculum

Davim, J. Paulo - MBA, ebook


Davim, J. Paulo


Table of contents
Part I. Speaking About Marketing
1. Marketing in Crises—Its Nature and Perspectives for Managers
Jochen Schellinger, Kim Oliver Tokarski
2. Understanding Digital Marketing—Basics and Actions
Teresa Piñeiro-Otero,…

Hitchner, James R. - Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, ebook

Financial Valuation: Applications and Models

Hitchner, James R.


--Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA, Chief Executive Officer, NACVA
"This book is a valuable resource for every BV library. It has material not covered in other BV books and this Second Edition has much more information than the first. Financial Valuation