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Berkovitz, Leonard D. - Convexity and Optimization in R, ebook

Convexity and Optimization in R

Berkovitz, Leonard D.


A comprehensive introduction to convexity and optimization in Rn
This book presents the mathematics of finite dimensional constrained optimization problems. It provides a basis for the further mathematical study of convexity, of more general optimization problems, and of numerical

Cantrell, Robert Stephen - Spatial Ecology via Reaction-Diffusion Equations, ebook

Spatial Ecology via Reaction-Diffusion Equations

Cantrell, Robert Stephen


* Rapidly expanding area of research for biologists and applied mathematicians
* Provides a unified and coherent account of methods developed to study spatial ecology via reaction-diffusion models
* Provides the reader with the tools needed to construct and interpret models
* Offers

Woods, Leslie Colin - Physics of Plasmas, ebook

Physics of Plasmas

Woods, Leslie Colin


A short, self-sufficient introduction to the physics of plasma for beginners as well as researchers in a number of fields. The author looks at the dynamics and stability of magnetoplasma and discusses wave and transport in this medium. He also looks at…

Fanchi, John R. - Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers, ebook

Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers

Fanchi, John R.


Expanded coverage of essential math, including integral equations, calculus of variations, tensor analysis, and special integrals
Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers, Third Edition is specifically designed as a self-study guide to help busy…