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Mains, Michael - Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10, ebook

Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10

Mains, Michael


Experimental Validation of Nonlinear Model Tracking with Varying Conditions
Timothy A. Doughty, Andrew W. Belle-Isle, Nicholas Pendowski
12. Spatial Distribution of Acoustic Radiation Force for Non-Contact Modal Excitation
Thomas M. Huber, Mikaela Algren,

Blough, J.R. - Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10, ebook

Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10

Blough, J.R.


Table of contents
1. Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Labyrinth Gas Seal Coupled to a Flexible Stator
A. Dairien, F. Thouverez, L. Blanc, P. Héliès, J. Dehouve
2. Modal Analysis of Tower Crane with Cracks by the Dynamic Stiffness Method
Dang Xuan Trong, Nguyen Tien Khiem
3. High-Noise High-Speed Footage

Ducheyne, Steffen - “The main Business of natural Philosophy”, ebook

“The main Business of natural Philosophy”

Ducheyne, Steffen


Uncovering the Methodology of the Principia (II): The Phase of Model Application, Theory Formation and Theory Application
Steffen Ducheyne
4. Facing the Limits of Deductions from Phenomena: Newton’s Quest for a Mathematical-Demonstrative Optics

Insua, David - Bayesian Analysis of Stochastic Process Models, ebook

Bayesian Analysis of Stochastic Process Models

Insua, David


Bayesian analysis of complex models based on stochastic processes has in recent years become a growing area. This book provides a unified treatment of Bayesian analysis of models based on stochastic processes, covering the main

Cannon, Steve - Reservoir Modelling: A Practical Guide, ebook

Reservoir Modelling: A Practical Guide

Cannon, Steve


The essential resource to an integrated approach to reservoir modelling by highlighting both the input of data and the modelling results
Reservoir Modelling offers a comprehensive guide to the procedures and workflow for building a 3-D model.

Chaker, Andre Noel - The Finnish Miracle - Ihanuuksien ihmemaa, ebook

The Finnish Miracle - Ihanuuksien ihmemaa

Chaker, Andre Noel


Riemastuttava ja ajatuksia herättävä kirja suomalaisuudesta. Onko suomalainen elämäntyyli tie henkilökohtaiseen ja liike-elämän menestykseen, kuten suomalaistunut kanadalaissyntyinen kirjoittaja väittää? Kirjan esittelemä menestysmalli tarjoaa…

Comba, Peter - Modeling of Molecular Properties, ebook

Modeling of Molecular Properties

Comba, Peter


Molecular modeling encompasses applied theoretical approaches and computational techniques to model structures and properties of molecular compounds and materials in order to predict and / or interpret their properties. The modeling

Corno, Matteo - Modelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles, ebook

Modelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Corno, Matteo


Enhanced e-book includes videos 

Many books have been written on modelling, simulation and control of four-wheeled vehicles (cars, in particular). However, due to the very specific and different dynamics of two-wheeled vehicles, it is very difficult to reuse previous knowledge