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Williams, James D. - Lyotard: Towards a Postmodern Philosophy, ebook

Lyotard: Towards a Postmodern Philosophy

Williams, James D.

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Jean-François Lyotard was one of the most influential European thinkers in recent decades. He was a leading participant in debates about post-modernism and the decline of Marxism, and he made important contributions to ethics, aesthetics and political philosophy.
In this authoritative

Lyotard, Jean-Francois - Why Philosophize?, ebook

Why Philosophize?

Lyotard, Jean-Francois

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Why Philosophize? is a series of lectures given by Jean-François Lyotard to students at the Sorbonne embarking on their university studies. The circumstances obliged him to be both clear and concise: at the same time, his lectures offer a profound and far-reaching meditation on how essential

Hautamäki, Irmeli - Avantgarden alkuperä, ebook

Avantgarden alkuperä

Hautamäki, Irmeli


Avantgarden alkuperä -Modernin estetiikka Baudelairesta Warholiin Monet nykytaiteen kysymykset liittyvät avantgardeen. Missä on taiteen kehityksen kärki, ketkä sitä johtavat? Tärkeydestään huolimatta avantgarden käsite on kuitenkin ollut selkiintymätön.…

Boucher, David - The Political Art of Bob Dylan, ebook

The Political Art of Bob Dylan

Boucher, David


As notable specialists in the fields of political theory, literary criticism and popular culture the authors examine Dylan’s work from a variety of perspectives—aesthetic theory, Kant, Adorno, Lyotard, Lorca and Collingwood. Collectively, they question how Dylan’s

Lucy, Niall - Dictionary of Postmodernism, ebook

Dictionary of Postmodernism

Lucy, Niall


Explores the names and ideas that have come to define the postmodern condition – from Baudrillard, Jameson, and Lyotard, to the concepts of deconstruction, meta-narrative, and simulation – alongside less canonical topics such as dialogue and punk Includes

Browning, Gary - Critical and Post-Critical Political Economy, ebook

Critical and Post-Critical Political Economy

Browning, Gary


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gary Browning, Andrew Kilmister
2. Hegel and the Political Economy of Modernity
Gary Browning, Andrew Kilmister
3. Marx and Critical Political Economy
Gary Browning, Andrew Kilmister
4. Foucault and Political Economy
Gary Browning, Andrew Kilmister
5. André

Claviez, Thomas - Zur Aktualität von Jacques Rancière, ebook

Zur Aktualität von Jacques Rancière

Claviez, Thomas


Ethik: Lyotard, Agamben und das Erhabene
Dietmar J. Wetzel, Thomas Claviez
6. Einzelanalysen
Dietmar J. Wetzel, Thomas Claviez
7. Wer – und was – ist Jacques Rancière? Resümee und Ausblick
Dietmar J. Wetzel, Thomas Claviez
8. Appendix

Irzik, Gürol - Philosophy, Science, Education and Culture, ebook

Philosophy, Science, Education and Culture

Irzik, Gürol


Table of contents
Part 1. Epistemology and Education
1. Belief, Learning and Education
2. Knowledge, Education and Critical Inquiry
3. Plato on Knowledge, and a Socratic Model of Inquiry
4. Some Problems for Theories of Knowledge and Their Resolution
5. Varieties of Constructivism and the Inaccessibility of

Ray, Gene - Terror and the Sublime in Art and Critical Theory, ebook

Terror and the Sublime in Art and Critical Theory

Ray, Gene


Reading the Lisbon Earthquake: Adorno, Lyotard, and the Contemporary Sublime
Gene Ray
3. Joseph Beuys and the “After-Auschwitz” Sublime
Gene Ray
4. Ground Zero: Hiroshima Haunts “9/11”
Gene Ray
5. Mirroring Evil: Auschwitz, Art and the

Weatherill, Rob - Our Last Great Illusion, ebook

Our Last Great Illusion

Weatherill, Rob


This book aims to refute, primarily through the prism of modern psychoanalysis and key theorists like Baudrillard, Levinas, Lyotard, Paz, Steiner, Reiff as well as Žižek, the fashion for a return to a pre-Cartesian ideal of harmony and integration. On the contrary,