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Capuana, Luigi - Perfume, ebook


Capuana, Luigi


The novel, which was published in 1891, was previously published by the Anthology in 1890. In this book the influences of Zola naturalism are evident and also the elements inspired by the physiology and pathology though Capuana seems to return to the…

Einaudi, Luca - Luigi Einaudi, ebook

Luigi Einaudi

Einaudi, Luca


Table of contents
1. Editors’ Introduction
Luca Einaudi, Riccardo Faucci, Roberto Marchionatti
2. Know before Legislating
Luca Einaudi, Riccardo Faucci, Roberto Marchionatti
Part I. Political and Economic Liberalism
3. Lectures…

Chiarabelli, Cristiano - Chemical Synthetic Biology, ebook

Chemical Synthetic Biology

Chiarabelli, Cristiano

From 131,80€

Chemistry plays a very important role in the emerging field of synthetic biology. In particular, chemical synthetic biology is concerned with the synthesis of chemical structures, such as proteins, that do not exist in nature. With contributions from…

Curini, Luigi - Corruption, Ideology, and Populism, ebook

Corruption, Ideology, and Populism

Curini, Luigi


Table of contents
1. Political Corruption and Valence Issues
Luigi Curini
2. The Ideological Incentive for Campaigning on Corruption Issues: The Two-Party Case
Luigi Curini
3. The Ideological Incentive to Campaign on Corruption Issues: The Multi-party Case
Luigi Curini
4. The Direction of Valence Campaigning

Manfrè, Luigi - Spinal Canal Stenosis, ebook

Spinal Canal Stenosis

Manfrè, Luigi


Table of contents
1. Imaging and Symptoms of Spinal Canal Stenosis
Cosma Andreula, Gianpiero Berardi, Alessandra Tripoli
2. CT/X-Ray-Guided Technique in Lumbar Spinal Canal and Foramina Stenosis: Spacers
Giuseppe Bonaldi, Luigi Manfrè
3. X-Ray Guided Technique in Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis: MILD

Angrisani, Luigi - Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, ebook

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Angrisani, Luigi


Table of contents
1. History of Obesity Surgery in Italy
Vincenzo Pilone, Ariola Hasani, Giuliano Izzo, Antonio Vitiello, Pietro Forestieri
2. Current Indications to Bariatric Surgery in Adult, Adolescent, and Elderly Obese Patients
Luca Busetto, Paolo Sbraccia, Ferruccio Santini
3. Bariatric Surgery Worldwide

Fabbris, Luigi - Effectiveness of University Education in Italy, ebook

Effectiveness of University Education in Italy

Fabbris, Luigi


Table of contents
Part I.Effectiveness of University Education
1. Informative Sources for the Evaluation of the University Education Effectiveness in Italy
Stefano Campostrini, Simone Gerzeli
2. A Fuzzy Measure of Satisfaction for University Education as a Key for Employment
Corrado Crocetta, Giuseppe Delvecchio

Paganetto, Luigi - Stagnation Versus Growth in Europe, ebook

Stagnation Versus Growth in Europe

Paganetto, Luigi


The Greek Crisis and Its Structural Features: Some Insights from a Comparative Exercise
Cinzia Alcidi, Luigi Bonatti, Andrea Fracasso
11. Greek Export and Labor Market Performance: Facts and Myths that Can Help Devise a Useful Growth Strategy
Michael Mitsopoulos

Manfrè, Luigi - Vertebral Lesions, ebook

Vertebral Lesions

Manfrè, Luigi


Table of contents
1. Vertebral Lesions: Imaging
Simon Nicolay, Johan W. Goethem, Luc Hauwe, Paul M. Parizel, Pia C. Maly Sundgren
2. Biomechanics of Vertebral Fracture
Cari M. Whyne, Stewart McLachlin, Mikhail Burke, Michael Hardisty
3. Spine Biopsy
Alessandro Cianfoni, Giannantonio Pellicanò
4. CT/X-ray-Guided

Faucci, Riccardo - Luigi Einaudi: selected Economic Essays, Volume 2, ebook

Luigi Einaudi: selected Economic Essays, Volume 2

Faucci, Riccardo


Table of contents
1. Editors’ Introduction
Riccardo Faucci, Roberto Marchionatti
2. Luigi Einaudi and Economic Freedom
Mario Draghi
3. Luigi Einaudi
Mervyn King
4. Introduction to Luigi Einaudi
Alberto Alesina
Part I. Einaudi’s Contributions to the Theory of Public Finance
5. Abstract