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Etherington, Lyn - Customer Loyalty, ebook

Customer Loyalty

Etherington, Lyn


Customer loyalty and service brands
Sionade Robinson, Lyn Etherington
6. The one question that really matters
Sionade Robinson, Lyn Etherington
7. The loyalty-building experiences take center stage

Connor, James - The Sociology of Loyalty, ebook

The Sociology of Loyalty

Connor, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Connor
2. Loyalty and Theories of Emotion
James Connor
3. Elements of Loyalty
James Connor
4. Family Loyalty
James Connor
5. National Loyalty
James Connor
6. Sport and Loyalty
James Connor
7. Cultural Loyalty
James Connor
8. Conclusion

Monod, Paul - Loyalty and Identity, ebook

Loyalty and Identity

Monod, Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Loyalty and Identity
Paul Kléber Monod, Murray G. H. Pittock, Daniel Szechi
2. The Many Restorations of King James: A Short History of Scholarship on Jacobitism, 1688–2006
J. C. D. Clark
3. ‘A lot done, more to do’: The Restoration and Road Ahead for Irish Jacobite

Inoguchi, Takashi - Exit, Voice and Loyalty in Asia, ebook

Exit, Voice and Loyalty in Asia

Inoguchi, Takashi


Exit, Voice, and Loyalty: State-Centered Versus Society-Centered Perspective
Takashi Inoguchi
5. Exit, Voice, and Loyalty: A Profile
Takashi Inoguchi
6. Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in Twenty-Nine Asian Societies

Schüller, Anne M. - Total Loyalty Marketing, ebook

Total Loyalty Marketing

Schüller, Anne M.


Die Total-Loyalty-Marketing-Analyse
Anne M. Schüller, Gerhard Fuchs
3. Die strategischen Grundlagen für Loyalität
Anne M. Schüller, Gerhard Fuchs
4. Der Baukasten der Loyalität
Anne M. Schüller, Gerhard Fuchs
5. Die Loyalitätstreppe des

Truong, Fabien - Radicalized Loyalties: Becoming Muslim in the West, ebook

Radicalized Loyalties: Becoming Muslim in the West

Truong, Fabien


Seeing Amédy through the eyes of close friends and other young Muslim men in the neighbourhoods where they grew up, Fabien Truong uncovers a network of competing loyalties and maps the road these youths take to resolve the conflicts they face: becoming Muslim. For

Boer, Evert R. de - Strategy in Airline Loyalty, ebook

Strategy in Airline Loyalty

Boer, Evert R. de


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Evert R. de Boer
2. The Different Types of Frequent Flyer Programs
Evert R. de Boer
3. Core Elements of the Frequent Flyer Program
Evert R. de Boer
4. The Economics and Accounting of Frequent…

Weindel, Julia Katharina - Retail Brand Equity and Loyalty, ebook

Retail Brand Equity and Loyalty

Weindel, Julia Katharina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julia Katharina Weindel
2. Study 1: Sector-specific Antecedents of Retail Brand Equity
Julia Katharina Weindel
3. Study 2: Reciprocity between Perceived Value and Retail Brand Equity
Julia Katharina…