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Ferry, Luc - On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century, ebook

On Love: A Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century

Ferry, Luc


But there is another value, rooted in the birth of the modern family and in the passage from traditional to modern marriage, that has transformed our lives in profound and often unrecognized ways: love. It affects not only our personal lives but many aspects of our

Luhmann, Niklas - Love: A Sketch, ebook

Love: A Sketch

Luhmann, Niklas


Love seems like the most personal experience, one that touches each of us in a unique way that is more personal than social, and hence it is not surprising that it has been largely neglected by sociologists and social theorists. While it has long been a central preoccupation of writers and

Dunbar, Robin - The Science of Love, ebook

The Science of Love

Dunbar, Robin


A scientific exploration of some of humanity's most puzzling questions: What is love? Why do we fall in (and out) of love? And why would we have evolved to feel something so weird, with so many downsides?
Whether you live for Valentine's Day or are

Peacock, Thomas Love - Maid Marian, ebook

Maid Marian

Peacock, Thomas Love


Thomas Love Peacock's fantastic classic novel about Robin Hood's love Maid Marian has been enjoyed around the world for over 180 years.

Love, Jonathan - Process Automation Handbook, ebook

Process Automation Handbook

Love, Jonathan


Table of contents
Part I. Technology and Practice
1. Summary
2. P&I Diagrams
3. Block Diagrams
4. Signals
5. Pneumatics
6. Electronics
7. Data Typing
8. Structured Text
9. Microprocessors
10. Characteristics

Calosse, Jp. A. - Love, ebook


Calosse, Jp. A.


A timeless theme that cannot be ignored, love has always fascinated artists. Painters, sculptors and even architects have drawn inspiration from and illustrated it. Ever new, love has led artists to create the masterworks of their life. From Titian’s

Calosse, Jp. A. - Love, ebook


Calosse, Jp. A.


Thème intemporel et on ne peut plus incontournable, l'amour ne cesse aujourd'hui encore de fasciner les artistes. Qu'il soit peintre, sculpteur ou architecte, l'artiste l'aborde, l'évoque, l'illustre, y puise son inspiration, comme tout un chacun s'y…