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Alcott, Louisa M. - Pansies, ebook


Alcott, Louisa M.


In the story Pansies and waterlilies Louisa May Alcott tells about three girls, very different but also very close friends, who are the guests of a gentlewoman. The maidens spend their time speaking of books, parties, clothes and true feelings. They

Alcott, Louisa M. - Pauline's Passion and Punishment, ebook

Pauline's Passion and Punishment

Alcott, Louisa M.


In Alcott’s Pauline’s Passion and Punishment, the main character, Pauline, receives a letter from Gilbert: he tells her he does not love her anymore, therefore he cannot marry her. Pauline’s heart is turned to stone, she wants revenge and she will never love again. His friend Manuel,

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Violinist's Story, ebook

The Violinist's Story

Alcott, Louisa M.


A violinist tells the story of his involuntary sacrifice for love, for the Love of Art. His girlfriend, a sensitive being, becomes the inspiration, almost a mystical one, for another artist. The wellknown musician is seized by the desire to compose, and…

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Mysterious Key and What It Opened, ebook

The Mysterious Key and What It Opened

Alcott, Louisa M.


Alcott’s The Mysterious Key and What It Opened is a classic tale for children about a person who must look for a familytomb to find love: she has, indeed, a mysterious key that will allow her to open something important. The story revolves around the mysterious death of Lillian's father,

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Critic's Story (Tale of an Actress), ebook

The Critic's Story (Tale of an Actress)

Alcott, Louisa M.


Mildred Aldrich’s The Critic's Story opens as a Chinese box. A young woman, Margaret Dillon, sacrifices her love to dedicate herself to her profession as an actress. When she becomes a diva she learns of his death. She is distraught and motionless before…

Alcott, Louisa M. - The Sculptor's Story (The Tale of a Virgin), ebook

The Sculptor's Story (The Tale of a Virgin)

Alcott, Louisa M.


Aldrich’sThe Sculptor's Story is the tale of two friends who love the same woman and the Arts. The beautiful young girl marries the protagonist, but she platonically and secretly loves the other one. The wedding day the groom discovers that his trust…

Alcott, Louisa May - Little Men, ebook

Little Men

Alcott, Louisa May


Written by Louisa May Alcott and published in 1871. The book was inspired by the death of her brother-in-law, and centres around the students at the Plumfield Estate School.

Alcott, Louisa May - Pikku naisia, ebook

Pikku naisia

Alcott, Louisa May


Kuusitoistavuotias isosisko Meg on vaalea ja pehmeän pyöreä. Vuotta nuorempi Jo on varsamaisen hontelo ja luonteeltaan kulmikas. Beth, jota isä kutsuu "Pikku Tyveneksi", leikkii onnellisena omissa oloissaan. Ja nuorin, sinisilmäinen Amy, on erittäin tärkeä henkilö - ainakin omasta mielestään.