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Gibbons, Robert D. - Longitudinal Data Analysis, ebook

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Gibbons, Robert D.


Longitudinal data analysis for biomedical and behavioral sciences
This innovative book sets forth and describes methods for the analysis of longitudinaldata, emphasizing applications to problems in the biomedical

Lynn, Peter - Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys, ebook

Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys

Lynn, Peter


Longitudinal surveys are surveys that involve collecting data from multiple subjects on multiple occasions. They are typically used for collecting data relating to social, economic, educational and health-related issues and they serve as an important tool for economists, sociologists, and

Adamyan, Vadim M. - Modern Analysis and Applications, ebook

Modern Analysis and Applications

Adamyan, Vadim M.


The Construction and Analysis of a Posteriori Error Estimators for Piezoelectricity Stationary Problems
Fedir Chaban, Heorgiy Shynkarenko
18. Remarks about Observables for the Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator
Heinz Otto Cordes
19. Remark on Spectral

Motai, Yuichi - Data-Variant Kernel Analysis, ebook

Data-Variant Kernel Analysis

Motai, Yuichi


Describes and discusses the variants of kernel analysis methods for data types that have been intensely studied in recent years

This book covers kernel analysis topics ranging from the fundamental theory of kernel functions to its applications.