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London, James - Walker: London 2012, ebook

Walker: London 2012

London, James

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Forsaking his scientific research into the subject of longevity at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and with the help of his mentor and Olympics athletics coach Cassius, Walker returns to the venue for the 30th Olympiad in London in time to compete against

London, Jack - The Benefit of the Doubt, ebook

The Benefit of the Doubt

London, Jack


In London’s The Benefit of the Doubt Carter Watson, an eminent sociologist, has spent most of his life around the world studying the dynamics of society and human behavior. Twenty years later, he returns in his own hometown, and he cannot believe his eyes: the quiet and decent neighborhood

London, Jack - The Enemy of All the World, ebook

The Enemy of All the World

London, Jack


Jack London’s The Enemy of All the World is the story of Emil Gluck, which begins in 1895 in Syracuse, New York, and it is extremely different from that of any other child. Emil's parents both die when he is six years old. He lives with his aunt, a frivolous and heartless woman, who does

London, Jack - Los mejores cuentos de Jack London, ebook

Los mejores cuentos de Jack London

London, Jack


Jack London (San Francisco, 1876 - California, 1916), es uno de los autores norteamericanos del siglo xix que ha gozado de mayor difusión y popularidad fuera de las fronteras de su país. Su obra, integrada en la corriente naturalista, muestra una preferencia por situar la acción en parajes

London, Jack - The Prodigal Father, ebook

The Prodigal Father

London, Jack


Twelve years have passed since Josiah Childs decided to leave the Connecticut, the house where he grew up, his job and, above all, his wife and their child. Since then he has not come back again. He moved in a populous metropolis in the west and there…

London, Jack - Il beneficio del dubbio, ebook

Il beneficio del dubbio

London, Jack


Il beneficio del dubbio (The Benefit of the Doubt di Jack London), traduzione a cura di Sonia Barbazza. Nel racconto di London Il beneficio del dubbio Carter Watson, un eminente sociologo, ha trascorso gran parte della sua vita in giro per il mondo

London, Jack - Il padre prodigo, ebook

Il padre prodigo

London, Jack


Il padre prodigo (The Prodigal Father) di Jack London, traduzione a cura di Sonia Barbazza. Sono passati dodici anni dal giorno in cui Josiah Childs ha deciso di fuggire dal Connecticut, lasciando la casa in cui è cresciuto, il lavoro nel piccolo supermercato del paese e, soprattutto,

London, Jack - The Son of the Wolf, ebook

The Son of the Wolf

London, Jack


A collection of short stories by the prolific American author Jack London, edited on the same day he was married to Elizabeth "Bessie" Maddern.

Olson, Donald - London For Dummies®, ebook

London For Dummies®

Olson, Donald


London is home to both the traditional and the trend-setting, from ceremonious pomp and pageantry to the "anything goes" aura of Soho. You can hang around the Tower of London or seek out the coolest shops and happening clubs. Once you?ve worked up an