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Pratt, Scott L. - Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order, ebook

Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order

Pratt, Scott L.


An enlightening introduction to the study of logic: its history, philosophical foundations, and formal structures
Logic: Inquiry, Argument, and Order is the first book of its kind to frame the study of introductory logic in terms of problems connected

Trobok, Majda - Between Logic and Reality, ebook

Between Logic and Reality

Trobok, Majda


Informal Logic and Informal Consequence
Danilo Šuster
7. Logical Consequence and Rationality
Nenad Smokrović
8. Logic, Indispensability and Aposteriority
Nenad Miščević
9. Extended Game-Theoretical Semantics
Manuel Rebuschi

Abramsky, Samson - Dependence Logic, ebook

Dependence Logic

Abramsky, Samson


Games for Inclusion Logic and Fixed-Point Logic
Erich Grädel
6. Remarks on Compositionality
Wilfrid Hodges
7. Independence in Model Theory
Åsa Hirvonen
8. Dependency as Question Entailment
Ivano Ciardelli
9. Approximation Logics

Zegarelli, Mark - Logic For Dummies, ebook

Logic For Dummies

Zegarelli, Mark


Logic concepts are more mainstream than you may realize. There’s logic every place you look and in almost everything you do, from deciding which shirt to buy to asking your boss for a raise, and even to watching television, where themes of such

Peters, Stanley - Quantifiers in Language and Logic, ebook

Quantifiers in Language and Logic

Peters, Stanley


Quantification is a topic which brings together linguistics, logic, and philosophy. Quantifiers are the essential tools with which, in language or logic, we refer to quantity of things or amount of stuff. In English they include such expressions as no... Copying

Li, Wei - Mathematical Logic, ebook

Mathematical Logic

Li, Wei


Table of contents
1. Syntax of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
2. Models of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
3. Formal Inference Systems
Wei Li
4. Computability & Representability
Wei Li
5. Gödel Theorems
Wei Li

Jacquette, Dale - A Companion to Philosophical Logic, ebook

A Companion to Philosophical Logic

Jacquette, Dale


This collection of newly comissioned essays by international contributors offers a representative overview of the most important developments in contemporary philosophical logic.
Presents controversies in philosophical implications and applications of formal symbolic logic.
Surveys major trends and offers original insights.

Gabbay, Dov M. - Handbook of Philosophical Logic, ebook

Handbook of Philosophical Logic

Gabbay, Dov M.


Table of contents
1. Hybrid Logic
Torben Braüner
2. Nominal Terms and Nominal Logics: From Foundations to Meta-mathematics
Murdoch J. Gabbay
3. Introduction to Labelled Deductive Systems
Dov M. Gabbay