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Rettberg, Scott - Electronic Literature, ebook

Electronic Literature

Rettberg, Scott


Electronic Literature considers new forms and genres of writing that exploit the capabilities of computers and networks – literature that would not be possible without the contemporary digital context.
In this book, Rettberg places the most significant

Rando, David P. - Hope and Wish Image in Music Technology, ebook

Hope and Wish Image in Music Technology

Rando, David P.


The Artist and Technology: William Gaddis’s Agapē Agape, or the World’s Smallest Player Piano Playing Itself Just for You
David P. Rando
6. “The Enemy Has Never Ceased to Be Victorious”: Anne Frank and Neutral Milk Hotel
David P. Rando
7. Technology,

Cohen, Adam Max - Shakespeare and Technology, ebook

Shakespeare and Technology

Cohen, Adam Max


Englishing the Globe: Navigational Technology on and Around Shakespeare’s Stages
Adam Max Cohen
3. “We Live in a Printing Age”: Shakespeare and the Print Revolution
Adam Max Cohen
4. Weapons of Fire and Shakespeare’s Dramatic Trajectory

Allan, Kathryn - Disability in Science Fiction, ebook

Disability in Science Fiction

Allan, Kathryn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kathryn Allan
2. Tools to Help You Think
Joanne Woiak, Hioni Karamanos
3. Freaks and Extraordinary Bodies
Ria Cheyne
4. The Many Voices of Charlie Gordon
Howard Sklar
5. The Metamorphic…

Cohen, Adam Max - Technology and the Early Modern Self, ebook

Technology and the Early Modern Self

Cohen, Adam Max


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A New Instrument
Adam Max Cohen
2. The Clockwork Self: Mechanical Clockwork and Early Modern Discipline
Adam Max Cohen
3. Confessions of a Man in Print: Cataloguing Erasmian Literary Ambition

Broadhurst, Susan - Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies, ebook

Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies

Broadhurst, Susan


Writing and Technologies — New Epistemologies
2. Digital Practices: New Writings of the Body
Susan Broadhurst
3. Texts from the Body
Tracey Warr
4. De-Second-Naturing: Word Unbecoming Flesh in the Work of Bodies in Flight
Sara Giddens, Simon