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Atherton, Carol - Defining Literary Criticism, ebook

Defining Literary Criticism

Atherton, Carol


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carol Atherton
Part I. Institutions
2. Histories of English: The Critical Background
Carol Atherton
3. English in the Universities
Carol Atherton
Part II. Philosophies and Practitioners
4. Critics and Professors
Carol Atherton
5. Criticism and the Modernists:

Laird, Andrew - Ancient Literary Criticism, ebook

Ancient Literary Criticism

Laird, Andrew


The literary criticism of classical Greece and Rome has had an extensive influence on modern thought. The important ancient critics discussed in this book include Plato, Aristotle and Horace. This volume has a helpful introduction, chronology and... Copying

Belsey, Catherine - A Future for Criticism, ebook

A Future for Criticism

Belsey, Catherine


A Future for Criticism considers why fiction gives so much pleasure, and the neglect of this issue in contemporary criticism.  Offers a brief, lively, and accessible account of a new direction for critical practice, from one of Britain's most prominent

Knights, Ben - Pedagogic Criticism, ebook

Pedagogic Criticism

Knights, Ben


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ben Knights
2. Heroic Reading
Ben Knights
3. Turning the Screw of Criticism
Ben Knights
4. Imaginary Burglars: English Studies and the Hinterlands of Thought
Ben Knights
5. The Hidden Aesthetic of English Teaching
Ben Knights
6. Pilgrims and Progression

Wright, Elizabeth - Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal, ebook

Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal

Wright, Elizabeth


What is psychoanalytic criticism and how can it be justified as a type of criticism in its own right? In this new and thoroughly revised edition of her classic textbook, Elizabeth Wright provides a cogent answer to this question and a wide-ranging introduction