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Popper, Arthur N. - The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, ebook

The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

Popper, Arthur N.


Cott, Arthur N. Popper, David A. Mann, John K. Jorgenson, Bruce W. Hanna
84. Effects of Underwater Noise on Larval settlement
Jenni A. Stanley, Craig A. Radford, Andrew G. Jeffs
85. Does Vessel Noise Change the Calling Rate and Intensity of Soniferous Fishes?

Puria, Sunil - The Middle Ear, ebook

The Middle Ear

Puria, Sunil


Table of contents
1. The Middle Ear: Science and Applications
Sunil Puria
2. The Evolution and Development of Middle Ears in Land Vertebrates
Geoffrey A. Manley, Ulrike J. Sienknecht
3. Comparative Middle Ear Structure and Function in Vertebrates
John J. Rosowski
4. Function and Acoustics of the Normal

Goldstein, Sam - Handbook of Executive Functioning, ebook

Handbook of Executive Functioning

Goldstein, Sam


The Physiology of Executive Functioning
Hyun Jin Chung, Lisa L. Weyandt, Anthony Swentosky
3. The Frontal Lobes and Executive Functioning
Tulio M. Otero, Lauren A. Barker
4. The Development of Hot and Cool Executive Functions in Childhood and Adolescence:

Berliner, Lawrence - High Resolution EPR, ebook

High Resolution EPR

Berliner, Lawrence


Walter, Lisa J. Lee, Jonathan S. Stamler, David J. Singel
11. EPR Investigation of [NiFe] Hydrogenases
Maurice Gastel, Wolfgang Lubitz
12. Unique Spectroscopic Features and Electronic Structures of Copper Proteins: Relation to Reactivity
Jungjoo Yoon,

Kelly, John F. - Addiction Recovery Management, ebook

Addiction Recovery Management

Kelly, John F.


Mueller, Lisa Walt, Darrin M. Aase
10. Continuing Care and Recovery
James R. McKay
11. Recovery-Focused Behavioral Health System Transformation: A Framework for Change and Lessons Learned from Philadelphia
Ijeoma Achara-Abrahams, Arthur