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Findsen, Brian - Lifelong Learning in Later Life, ebook

Lifelong Learning in Later Life

Findsen, Brian


From ‘Adult Education’ to ‘Lifelong Learning’
Brian Findsen, Marvin Formosa
4. Lifelong Learning and the Emergence of the Learning Society
Brian Findsen, Marvin Formosa
5. History and Development

Beighton, Christian - Deleuze and Lifelong Learning, ebook

Deleuze and Lifelong Learning

Beighton, Christian


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Deleuze and Lifelong Learning
Christian Beighton
Part I. Lifelong Learning
2. Logics of Lifelong Learning
Christian Beighton
3. Creativity
Christian Beighton
Part II. Events
4. Making a Difference
Christian Beighton
5. Creation at Work

Preece, Julia - University Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning, ebook

University Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning

Preece, Julia


Table of contents
1. Background Context for Universities and Community Engagement in Africa
Julia Preece
2. A Capabilities and Asset-Based Development Approach to Community Engagement
Julia Preece
3. Community Engagement and Its Evolving Terminology
Julia Preece
4. Community Engagement Through Service