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Paterson, Lindsay - Social Radicalism and Liberal Education, ebook

Social Radicalism and Liberal Education

Paterson, Lindsay


Liberal education used to command wide political support. Radicals disagreed with conservatives on whether the best culture could be appreciated by everyone, and they disagreed, too, on whether the barriers to understanding it were mainly social and

Potts, David B. - Liberal Education for a Land of Colleges, ebook

Liberal Education for a Land of Colleges

Potts, David B.


Table of contents
1. Introductory Essay
David B. Potts
2. American Colleges: Fall 1828
David B. Potts
3. Reports on the Course of Instruction in Yale College (1828)
David B. Potts
4. Annotations for Yale’s Reports of 1828

Pugh, Michael C. - Liberal Internationalism, ebook

Liberal Internationalism

Pugh, Michael C.


Introduction: Liberal Internationalism, a Social Movement for Peace
Michael C. Pugh
2. Governance: Ideological and Political Trespass
Michael C. Pugh
3. Education: Democratic Accountability and Paper Guarantees
Michael C. Pugh
4. Disarmament:

Tubbs, Nigel - Philosophy and Modern Liberal Arts Education, ebook

Philosophy and Modern Liberal Arts Education

Tubbs, Nigel


The Seven Liberal Arts: Varro’s Secret Path
Nigel Tubbs
4. Renaissance Humanism
Nigel Tubbs
5. Bildung and the New Age
Nigel Tubbs
Part II. Introduction
6. Metaphysical Education
Nigel Tubbs
7. Natural Education
Nigel Tubbs

Barton, Anna - Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Liberal Thought, ebook

Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Liberal Thought

Barton, Anna


The Liberal Self: Wordsworth and Barrett Browning
Anna Barton
3. Liberal Education: Wordsworth, Clough and Arnold
Anna Barton
4. Liberalism in Love: Barrett Browning, Browning and Meredith
Anna Barton
5. Liberal Republicanism: Clough, Barrett

Prickett, Stephen - Education! Education! Education!, ebook

Education! Education! Education!

Prickett, Stephen


The essays in this book criticise the new positivism in education policy, whereby education is systematically reduced to those things that can be measured by so-called 'objective' tests. School curricula have been narrowed with an emphasis on measurable