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Catanzaro, Vincent M. - The Legal Technology Guidebook, ebook

The Legal Technology Guidebook

Catanzaro, Vincent M.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction to Technology Competence
1. Introduction to Ethics and Technology
Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola, Peter McCann, Vincent M. Catanzaro
2. Technological Competence
Kimberly Williams, John M.…

Baumard, Philippe - Cybersecurity in France, ebook

Cybersecurity in France

Baumard, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Philippe Baumard
2. A Brief History of Hacking and Cyberdefense
Philippe Baumard
3. The Determinants of a National Cyber-Strategy
Philippe Baumard
4. National Cyber-Doctrines: Forthcoming Strategic…

Bojanova, Irena - Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, ebook

Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing

Bojanova, Irena


The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing provides IT professionals, educators, researchers and students with a compendium of cloud computing knowledge.  Authored by a spectrum of subject matter experts in industry and academia, this unique publication, in

Lopez-Tarruella, Aurelio - Google and the Law, ebook

Google and the Law

Lopez-Tarruella, Aurelio


Google Chrome and Android: Legal Aspects of Open Source Software
Malcolm Bain
10. Google, APIs and the Law. Use, Reuse and Lock-In
Andrew Katz
11. Paradoxes, Google and China: How Censorship can Harm and Intellectual

Weber, Rolf H. - Anonymization, ebook


Weber, Rolf H.


Table of contents
1. Notion of Anonymity
Rolf H. Weber, Ulrike I. Heinrich
2. Anonymity Challenges in the Internet
Rolf H. Weber, Ulrike I. Heinrich
3. Legal Foundations of Anonymity
Rolf H. Weber, Ulrike I. Heinrich
4. Limitations of Anonymization
Rolf H. Weber, Ulrike I. Heinrich
5. Outlook