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Pinheiro, Fernanda - Multi-species Systems in Optical Lattices, ebook

Multi-species Systems in Optical Lattices

Pinheiro, Fernanda


Introduction to Optical Lattices and Excited Bands (and All That)
Fernanda Pinheiro
3. General Properties of the Bosonic System in the p and in the d Bands
Fernanda Pinheiro
4. Confined p-Orbital Bosons
Fernanda Pinheiro
5. Beyond the Mean-Field

Collet, Bernard - Fractional Dynamics on Networks and Lattices, ebook

Fractional Dynamics on Networks and Lattices

Collet, Bernard


This book analyzes stochastic processes on networks and regular structures such as lattices by employing the Markovian random walk approach.
Part 1 is devoted to the study of local and non-local random walks. It shows how non-local random walk strategies can be defined by functions of

Bruyn, Bart - Near Polygons, ebook

Near Polygons

Bruyn, Bart


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Dense near polygons
3. Regular near polygons
4. Glued near polygons
5. Valuations
6. The known slim dense near polygons
7. Slim dense near hexagons
8. Slim dense near polygons with a nice chain…

Givant, Steven - Introduction to Boolean Algebras, ebook

Introduction to Boolean Algebras

Givant, Steven


Table of contents
2. Boolean Rings
Steven Givant
3. Boolean Algebras
Steven Givant
4. Boolean Algebras Versus Rings
Steven Givant
5. The Principle of Duality
Steven Givant
6. Fields of Sets
Steven Givant
7. Elementary Relations
Steven Givant
8. Order
Steven Givant

Monk, J. Donald - Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras, ebook

Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras

Monk, J. Donald


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. Donald Monk
2. Special operations on Boolean algebras
J. Donald Monk
3. Special classes of Boolean algebras
J. Donald Monk
4. Cellularity
J. Donald Monk
5. Depth
J. Donald Monk