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Contreras, Daniel T. - Unrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture, ebook

Unrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture

Contreras, Daniel T.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: “What Have You Done to My Heart?”: Unrequited Love and The Question of Utopia
Daniel T. Contreras
2. The Boys in the Band: Camp and the Heartbreak of Race
Daniel T. Contreras
3. “Letting Go of…

Acosta, Juan - Atlas of Bedforms in the Western Mediterranean, ebook

Atlas of Bedforms in the Western Mediterranean

Acosta, Juan


Table of contents
Part I. Bedform Analysis and Main Physical Processes
1. Bedform Mapping: Multibeam Data Processing, Metadata and Spatial Data Services
S. Diez, J. Sorribas
2. Methods for Analysing Bedform Geometry and Dynamics

Cisneros, Angel Saavedra - Latino Identity and Political Attitudes, ebook

Latino Identity and Political Attitudes

Cisneros, Angel Saavedra


A Theory of Latino Partisanship: From Social to Political Identity
Angel Saavedra Cisneros
Part II. Latinos, Identity, Parties and Immigration: Juntos Pero No Revueltos (Together, But Not Mixed Up)
4. Latino Partisanship: All About Immigration?

Aguirre-Molina, Marilyn - Health Issues in the Latino Community, ebook

Health Issues in the Latino Community

Aguirre-Molina, Marilyn


Sweeping in scope, Health Issues in the Latino Community identifies and offers an in-depth examination of the most critical health issues that affect Latino's health and health care within the United States. This resource offers a comprehensive approach that informs and promotes the advancement