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Abrams, Sabrina Fuchs - Transgressive Humor of American Women Writers, ebook

Transgressive Humor of American Women Writers

Abrams, Sabrina Fuchs


Table of contents
1. No Joke: Transgressive Humor of American Women Writers
Sabrina Fuchs Abrams
2. “To Amuse Intelligently and Cleverly”: Carolyn Wells and Literary Parody
Margaret D. Stetz
3. From Headlines to Punchlines: Suffragist Humor in the Popular Press
Amanda T. Smith
4. The Scholarly

Caldwell, Kia Lilly - Gendered Citizenships, ebook

Gendered Citizenships

Caldwell, Kia Lilly


Introduction Collectivity and Comparativity: A Feminist Approach to Citizenship
Kia Lilly Caldwell, Kathleen Coll, Tracy Fisher, Renya K. Ramirez, Lok Siu
Part I. Political Activism and Organizing
2. Autoestima in Immigrant Latina

Gillman, Laura - Unassimilable Feminisms, ebook

Unassimilable Feminisms

Gillman, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Reconceptualizing Identity Politics in a Post Identity Politics Age
Laura Gillman
2. Reimagining Identity Politics in the New Millennium: A Postpositivist Realist Approach
Laura Gillman
3. Womanisms at the Interstices of Disciplines, Movements, Periodizations, and Nations