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Davis, Gregson - A Companion to Horace, ebook

A Companion to Horace

Davis, Gregson


A Companion to Horace features a collection of commissioned interpretive essays by leading scholars in the field of Latin literature covering the entire generic range of works produced by Horace. Features original essays by a wide range of leading literary scholars Exceeds expectations

Volk, Katharina - Ovid, ebook


Volk, Katharina


This book provides a unique and accessible introduction to the complete works of Ovid. Using a thematic approach, Volk lays out what we know about Ovid's life, presents the author's works within their poetic genres, and discusses central Ovidian themes. …

Harrison, Stephen - A Companion to Latin Literature, ebook

A Companion to Latin Literature

Harrison, Stephen


A Companion to Latin Literature gives an authoritative account of Latin literature from its beginnings in the third century BC through to the end of the second century AD.
Provides expert overview of the main periods of Latin

Knox, Peter E. - A Companion to Ovid, ebook

A Companion to Ovid

Knox, Peter E.


A Companion to Ovid is a comprehensive overview of one of the most influential poets of classical antiquity. Features more than 30 newly commissioned chapters by noted scholars writing in their areas of specialization Illuminates various aspects…