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Birns, Nicholas - Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics, ebook

Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics

Birns, Nicholas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juan E. Castro, Nicholas Birns
Part I. Mario Vargas Llosa and the Neoliberal Turn
2. Mr. Vargas Llosa Goes to Washington
Juan E. Castro
3. The Wars of an Old-Fashioned (Neoliberal) Gentleman
Fabiola Escárzaga
4. “Let’s Make Owners and Entrepreneurs”

Angell, Alan - The Judicialization of Politics in Latin America, ebook

The Judicialization of Politics in Latin America

Angell, Alan


Judicialization of Politics: The Changing Political Role of the Judiciary in Mexico
Pilar Domingo
3. Changing Dynamics: The Political Impact of Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court
Bruce M. Wilson
4. The Judicialization of Politics

Poblete, Juan - Humor in Latin American Cinema, ebook

Humor in Latin American Cinema

Poblete, Juan


Cinema and Humor in Latin America: An Introduction
Juan Poblete
2. Luis Sandrini’s Stutter, Early Argentine Film Comedy, and the Representability of Time
Nilo Fernando Couret
3. “Comrades, There Are Moments in Life That Are Truly Momentary”: Cantinflas

Gardini, Gian Luca - Latin American Foreign Policies, ebook

Latin American Foreign Policies

Gardini, Gian Luca


Introduction: Ideology and Pragmatism in Latin American Foreign Policy
Gian Luca Gardini, Peter Lambert
2. Latin American Foreign Policies Between Ideology and Pragmatism: A Framework for Analysis
Gian Luca Gardini

Zivin, Erin Graff - The Ethics of Latin American Literary Criticism, ebook

The Ethics of Latin American Literary Criticism

Zivin, Erin Graff


Ethics, Politics, Representation
2. The Ethical Superstition
Bruno Bosteels
3. Ethics, Perhaps
Gabriela Basterra
Part II. Ethics and Cultural Studies
4. Ethics and Citizenship in the Blogosphere: Academics Meet New Technologies of Online Publication

Dabène, Olivier - The Politics of Regional Integration in Latin America, ebook

The Politics of Regional Integration in Latin America

Dabène, Olivier


Table of contents
Part 1. Introduction
1. Historical and Theoretical Guideline
Olivier Dabène
Part 2. Political Instrumentalization of Regional Economic Integration
2. Resolving Regional Crises
Olivier Dabène
3. Building a Collective Defense of Democracy
Olivier Dabène
Part 3. Design and Development