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Poblete, Juan - Humor in Latin American Cinema, ebook

Humor in Latin American Cinema

Poblete, Juan


Cinema and Humor in Latin America: An Introduction
Juan Poblete
2. Luis Sandrini’s Stutter, Early Argentine Film Comedy, and the Representability of Time
Nilo Fernando Couret
3. “Comrades, There Are Moments in Life That Are Truly Momentary”: Cantinflas

Crane, Robert - Latin American Business Cultures, ebook

Latin American Business Cultures

Crane, Robert


Regional Organizations, Trade Blocs, and Inter-State Conflicts in Latin America: History and Evolution
Antonio Mitre
3. Argentina
Roque B. Fernández, Katherina Fernández
4. Brazil
Luiz Alberto Machado, José

Weeks, Gregory B. - U.S. and Latin American Relations, ebook

U.S. and Latin American Relations

Weeks, Gregory B.


and Latin American Relations, 2nd Edition offers in-depth theoretical and historical analyses to explore the complex dynamic between the United States and the countries that comprise Latin America.
Presents a theoretical

Bueno, Otávio - A Companion to Latin American Philosophy, ebook

A Companion to Latin American Philosophy

Bueno, Otávio


This comprehensive collection of original essays written by an international group of scholars addresses the central themes in Latin American philosophy. Represents the most comprehensive survey of historical and contemporary Latin