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Crane, Robert - Latin American Business Cultures, ebook

Latin American Business Cultures

Crane, Robert


Regional Organizations, Trade Blocs, and Inter-State Conflicts in Latin America: History and Evolution
Antonio Mitre
3. Argentina
Roque B. Fernández, Katherina Fernández
4. Brazil
Luiz Alberto Machado, José María Rodríguez Ramos, Otto Nogami,

Zivin, Erin Graff - The Ethics of Latin American Literary Criticism, ebook

The Ethics of Latin American Literary Criticism

Zivin, Erin Graff


Modernist Ethics: Really Engaging Popular Culture in Mexico and Brazil
Esther Gabara
Part III. The Limits of Literature
6. A Few Notes on Constructed Worlds: The Contradictory Legacy of Past Decades
Sergio Chejfec
7. Saying The Unsayable: Saer, or

Poblete, Juan - Humor in Latin American Cinema, ebook

Humor in Latin American Cinema

Poblete, Juan


Cinema and Humor in Latin America: An Introduction
Juan Poblete
2. Luis Sandrini’s Stutter, Early Argentine Film Comedy, and the Representability of Time
Nilo Fernando Couret
3. “Comrades, There Are Moments in Life That Are Truly Momentary”: Cantinflas

Gardini, Gian Luca - Latin American Foreign Policies, ebook

Latin American Foreign Policies

Gardini, Gian Luca


Introduction: Ideology and Pragmatism in Latin American Foreign Policy
Gian Luca Gardini, Peter Lambert
2. Latin American Foreign Policies Between Ideology and Pragmatism: A Framework for Analysis
Gian Luca Gardini

Castro, Juan E. - The Spaces of Latin American Literature, ebook

The Spaces of Latin American Literature

Castro, Juan E.


Rubén Darío Visits Ricardo Palma: Tradition, Cosmopolitanism, and the Development of an Independent Latin American Literature
Juan E. Castro
3. The Intellectual Meridian Debate and Colonialist Nostalgia
Juan E. Castro