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Arissian, Ladan - Lasers: The Power and Precision of Light, ebook

Lasers: The Power and Precision of Light

Arissian, Ladan

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"Lasers" are active ingredients of our modern life, but they are inconspicuous as they often go unnoticed. This intuitive introductory guide will tell you all you want to know about laser technologies in very diverse fields from nuclear and particle physics to medicine, astronomy and ultra-precise

Lourtioz, Jean-Michel - Compact Semiconductor Lasers, ebook

Compact Semiconductor Lasers

Lourtioz, Jean-Michel


This book brings together in a single volume a unique contribution by the top experts around the world in the field of compact semiconductor lasers to provide a comprehensive description and analysis of the current status as well as future directions in the field of micro- and nano-scale

Quimby, Richard S. - Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction, ebook

Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction

Quimby, Richard S.


An introduction to photonics and lasers that does not rely on complex mathematics
This book evolved from a series of courses developed by the author and taught in the areas of lasers and photonics. This thoroughly classroom-tested work fills a

Csele, Mark - Fundamentals of Light Sources and Lasers, ebook

Fundamentals of Light Sources and Lasers

Csele, Mark


While many other books provide an overview of the subject, Fundamentals of Light Sources and Lasers closes a clear gap in the current literature by concentrating on the principles of laser operation as well as providing coverage of important concepts necessary to fully

Hecht, Jeff - Understanding Lasers: An Entry-Level Guide, ebook

Understanding Lasers: An Entry-Level Guide

Hecht, Jeff


The expanded fourth edition of the book that offers an essential introduction to laser technology and the newest developments in the field
The revised and updated fourth edition of Understanding Lasers offers an essential guide and introduction that explores how lasers

Okhotnikov, Oleg G. - Fiber Lasers, ebook

Fiber Lasers

Okhotnikov, Oleg G.


A comprehensive account of the latest developments and applications in this rapidly developing field, covering a wide range of topics, such as power scaling and short pulse generation, dispersion management and modeling, broadband supercontinuum generation…