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Błaszczak, Z. - LASER 2006, ebook

LASER 2006

Błaszczak, Z.


A vision for laser induced particle acceleration and applications
K. W. D. Ledingham
5. Penning trap mass spectrometry for nuclear structure studies
Klaus Blaum, Dietrich Beck, Martin Breitenfeldt, Sebastian George, Frank Herfurth, Alexander Herlert, Alban

Arissian, Ladan - Lasers: The Power and Precision of Light, ebook

Lasers: The Power and Precision of Light

Arissian, Ladan

From 34,20€

"Lasers" are active ingredients of our modern life, but they are inconspicuous as they often go unnoticed. This intuitive introductory guide will tell you all you want to know about laser technologies in very diverse

Ewing, J. J. - Introduction to Laser Technology, ebook

Introduction to Laser Technology

Ewing, J. J.


The only introductory text on the market today that explains the underlying physics and engineering applicable to all lasers
Although lasers are becoming increasingly important in our high-tech environment, many of the technicians and engineers who install, operate, and maintain them

Schmidt, Volker - Laser Technology in Biomimetics, ebook

Laser Technology in Biomimetics

Schmidt, Volker


Selective Laser Sintering and Its Biomedical Applications
Bin Duan, Min Wang
5. Biomimetic Assemblies by Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation
Felix Sima, Ion N. Mihailescu
6. Laser Additive Manufacturing of Metals
Claus Emmelmann, Jannis Kranz,

Sugioka, Koji - Laser Precision Microfabrication, ebook

Laser Precision Microfabrication

Sugioka, Koji


Process Control in Laser Material Processing for the Micro and Nanometer Scale Domains
Henry Helvajian
2. Theory and Simulation of Laser Ablation – from Basic Mechanisms to Applications
Laurent J. Lewis, Danny Perez

Quimby, Richard S. - Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction, ebook

Photonics and Lasers: An Introduction

Quimby, Richard S.


An introduction to photonics and lasers that does not rely on complex mathematics
This book evolved from a series of courses developed by the author and taught in the areas of lasers and photonics. This thoroughly classroom-tested work fills a

Davim, J. Paulo - Laser in Manufacturing, ebook

Laser in Manufacturing

Davim, J. Paulo


Generally a laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is defined as “a device which uses a quantum mechanical effect, stimulated emission, to generate a coherent beam of light from a lasing medium of controlled purity, size, and shape”. Laser

Hecht, Jeff - Understanding Lasers: An Entry-Level Guide, ebook

Understanding Lasers: An Entry-Level Guide

Hecht, Jeff


The expanded fourth edition of the book that offers an essential introduction to laser technology and the newest developments in the field
The revised and updated fourth edition of Understanding Lasers offers